All Time Low ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Single Review

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Almost exactly one year since they released the hit album ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’, All Time Low has made a return with their brand new anthem ‘Once in a Lifetime’ and fans are loving it. 

All Time Low took a hard hit with mixed reviews on their last two albums as many fans were conflicted on whether or not they enjoyed the band incorporating more pop feels into their tunes. Whilst masses of older All Time Low listeners have revisited to have a listen, they have been pleasantly surprised to see them absolutely killing it outside of making solely pop punk songs. The boys have unquestionably proven that a change in music can be magic.

Once in a Lifetime is irresistibly catchy and will certainly bring in a crowd of new listeners to their UK tour in September. Not only will the build up to the chorus have you instantly up on your feet ready to dance, but the pleasure of hearing the boys quote back to their own band name with ‘Try to forget you, Gotta pretend to, til’ I hit an all-time low’ is unmatchable.

When discussing the single, Alex Gaskarth (Frontman) says, ‘Once in a lifetime is a song about loss and dealing with loss, facing harsh realities and coming out the other side stronger for it.’ He later went on to explain, ‘Things can only be so bad and once it’s over, it’s over; there’s room to start rebuilding.’

In addition to Once in a Lifetime, All Time Low has a thrilling new music video out on their youtube tonight at 9pm (UK time). 

Check out All Time Low’s UK tour dates here!

By Lucy Cheyne

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