Chapel ‘WOW’ Single Review

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The devoted duo Chapel have us dancing our hearts out to their new single ‘WOW’ as always. ‘WOW’ is the final handout before the drop of their brand new EP ‘Room Service’ April 23rd.

Chapel had revealed that they weren’t going anywhere with their last two singles ‘First Love’ and ‘Pillow Talk’. Fans were over the moon to hear the news of Carter Hardin (Vocals/Guitar/Keys) and Kortney Grinwis (Drums) being back in business, three lively singles were just a bonus! 

‘WOW’ is a pop melody packed with impressive rhythms, synths & guitars. Their highly emotive meaning towards the song is cleverly hidden behind a world of playful lyrics and electronic beats, making it all the more fascinating. Whilst talking about the song, Carter shares “Kortney & I wrote ‘WOW’ last summer. This song is about being led on and continuing to let it happen because you’ve got nothing better to do. It’s a self-aware and fun concept that we hope others can identify with.”

Chapel announced a music video alongside the release of ‘WOW’ which they self-directed in Atlanta. The video displays the duo performing the song in a storage room all whilst bouncing around in light-hearted sped up clips. Watch below!

By Lucy Cheyne

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