Holding Absence ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ Album Review

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Just when we thought Holding Absence couldn’t get any better, they’ve come back proving us wrong with a 12 track album titled ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ showing everything they’ve got and more. The trio are well known for diving head first into their music with nothing but true passion and emotion, this album shows no different as it brings many listeners to tears whilst expressing the feelings of love, life and death. All in all, TGMOML was everything we hoped for and more.

The album opens up with ‘Awake’, a soft yet mournful piano piece which slowly builds up with heart-rendering whispers. The strong development throughout the song creates a feeling that can’t be described and just when we approach the end, the beautiful transition into ‘Celebration Song’ begins. These transitions become a frequent pattern within the whole album. Celebration song is not one to be missed and will undoubtedly be a strong performance on tour, “I’m Alive” Lucas Woodland (Frontman) screams down the microphone whilst drums kick is stronger than ever. After a tough period of lockdown, feelings full of uncertainty and grief rose high, this track is a real honouring of our existence and emotions. Up next was ‘Curse Me With Your Kiss’, this dance worthy tune fooled us all, before revealing lyrics such as ‘I remember the crack in your voice when you said “I’m leaving”, just another lover that left me with nothing to believe in.” Lyrics aside, this tune is unbelievably catchy straight off the bat with a chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks.

‘Afterlife’ was the second single released from TGMOML, it was an automatic fan favourite and pulled me in right from the moment I first heard it. It has somewhat heavier feels than the other singles ‘Beyond Belief’ and ‘In Circles’ although it does manage to circle back in with the heavier elements on their final single ‘Nomoreroses’. These 4 singles were perfectly picked as they purposely show off everything that Holding Absence has to offer.

‘Drugs and Love’ is the first track in the album to showcase spoken words, this caught many listeners by surprise as it became a recurring theme towards the second half of the album and it feel like a side to Holding Absence that the members were experimenting a great deal with. ‘Die Alone (In Your Lover’s Arms)’ is another example of this. Lucas’ sister makes a special appearance to sing opposite Lucas about two different perspectives of deathbed regret. Her soft voice contrasting with the works of a Holding Absence tune brought something completely new to the table. This is a song that seemed to connect with many listeners on an entirely different level, feeling that it should have most definitely been a single and I completely agree.

After the interlude track ‘Phantoms’ which will send calming beats all around your body, we have the 7 minute long tune which feels like it has been written opposite of Celebration song, I hope you’re prepared to listen to ‘Mourning Song’ as you will be ending it surrounded by a collection of tissues. The title track ‘The Greatest Mistake of My Life’ filled me with a feeling of nostalgia and finished off the album just the way it started, a calming flow of piano which we all wish could have lasted forever.

Holding Absence have totally topped everyone and everything with the release of The Greatest Mistake Of My Life and I think it’s safe to say that this has won over album of the year by far. I truly feel that the release of this album will open up wonderful opportunities for Holding Absence. 10/10.

by Lucy Cheyne

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