Trash Boat ‘Silence is Golden’ Single Review

For Fans Of : ROAM, Grayscale & Seaway

Despite having ‘Silence’ in the title of their new song, Trash Boat are going into a territory that is far from anything restrained. In the chaotic intro, Tobi Duncan (Vocalist) screams like a protester standing on a burning car. The background overflows with dark sounding guitars which cut through the air and submerges us into what is about to come. The drums and guitar go in sync, creating a robust, instantly memorable riff.

From the first portion of the song, we already know that what we’re about to sit through is more of a powerful statement rather than a song. During the verse, the guitars chug like shooting guns. The lyrics, at first sound almost interchangeable between relating to a cruel king, and on the other end, his people who obey his words. The narrative soon progresses however and it is clear to the listener that this is no simple tale of accepting the state of the world today. Instead, Trash Boat have charged towards with a message to step over our rulers and kill their violent nature.

Succeeding the progression of the song’s words, many changes in the song structure follow through too. The song continues to fill up with rage, releasing its energy into the blaring breakdown and searing hot last chorus. In today’s alt-metal scene oversaturated with electronic embellishments, it’s nice to finally hear somebody with a message as clear as this, both in the timbre of their instruments and the clever lyricism.

Listen to ‘Silence is Golden’ down below!

by Kuba Swaitek

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