Stand Atlantic ft. Nothing,Nowhere. ‘Deathwish’ Single Review

For Fans Of : Yours Truly, Grayscale & With Confidence

A collaboration that nobody saw coming, Stand Atlantic have teamed up with the emo-rap artist Nothing,Nowhere and we are hugely blown away. ‘Deathwish’ holds all the classic elements of a Stand Atlantic tune, though when the special feature from Nothing,Nowhere kicks in, it’s clear that they both went above and beyond to create this perfect track. 

Toned down to just vocals and guitar, the first play of their catchy chorus starts within seconds. The instruments carry in slowly, growing stronger which creates a massive build-up and by the end of that first chorus we’re left in disbelief. The song comes back down just in time for the verse yet quickly blooms once again throughout the emotional pre-chorus. The use and timing of these instruments & heavy beats absolutely crushes the track as a whole. 

Nothing,Nowhere makes his first appearance in the centre of the song. He carries on with the main theme rapping lyrics about a toxic relationship that’ll make your heart ache. He continues on throughout the track singing some background vocals whilst Bonnie Fraser (Frontwoman) performs another lively round of the chorus to bring the song to a finishing point.

Deathwish has so much potential no doubt about it, there has been nothing but positive words spoken and we all have high hopes that Stand Atlantic and Nothing,Nowhere will work together again soon. You never know, we might even get to hear it live!

by Lucy Cheyne

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