Waterparks ‘You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)’ Single Review

For Fans Of : Makeout, All Time Low & Chapel

In the new single coming from Waterparks, ‘You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)’ they revert back to their old sound whilst trying something new at the same time. It has the classic ‘Double Dare’ sound, being more pop punk, but it’s also very laid back and slower than what you would expect. 

The chorus is incredibly catchy and fits into their upcoming album ‘Greatest Hits’ (which drops on May 21st) so well, whilst sticking to themes that are literal to the title but dipping into new ones such as being cancelled online, having a midlife crisis and suicide. 

These new singles haven’t failed to drop easter eggs from previous albums, as the lyric “I might just lose my shit off of the balcony Room 103. Yeah that’s my purgatory, until I end it (shit). Whoops, I got a little dark, yeah things get a little hard.” referring to the song ‘We Need To Talk’ from their second album ‘Entertainment’ where Awsten Knight (Frontman) literally jumps from the balcony of room 103.

The song has a very catchy guitar riff which is played by Geoff Wigington, this is prominent throughout the full song and adds to the sound, as well as Otto Wood’s drums going heavy in the chorus although being very laid back in the verses. 

Personally I feel this is one of Waterparks best songs! I think we’re all excited to see what’s next for the band when they release their 4th album and kick off their ‘See You In The Future’ tour in 2022 which you can buy tickets for here. Waterparks are definitely a band you should be listening to if you aren’t already, as they’re only getting bigger and better.

by Cameron Smyth

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