Misplaced ft. SayWeCanFly ‘Fate & Fairytales’ Single Review

For Fans Of : Neck Deep, Point North & State Champs

Attention… ahem, attention!

‘Fate & Fairytales’ comes in from a Glasgow based pop punk band called Misplaced and it’s an absolute banger. After releasing the first version of the song in February 2020, Misplaced signed to We Are Triumphant then continued to re-released the tune with a feature from Braden Barrie aka SayWeCanFly and it felt ten times better. 

From the acoustic first half of the song it’s all very chill, laid back and emotional. It picks up and brings multiple elements into the song such as drums and a sick beat, this song is definitely one of their best. With the band experimenting with new sounds (and undeniably being one of the best upcoming bands in Glasgow) this is one of those songs to play on repeat from your playlist. The whiny vocals towards the end of the song and the rap verse coming in from SayWeCanFly works perfectly together and you will not be disappointed. 

You can check out ‘Fate & Fairytales’ down below as-well as their socials! Misplaced are definitely a band to look out for in the near future.

by Cameron Smyth

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