Black Midi ‘Slow’ Single Review

For Fans Of : Slint, Swan & King Crimson

After their debut album titled ‘Shlagenheim’, Black Midi left seemingly no headroom for their creativity to expand. Now in 2021, with new record ‘Cavalcade’ on the way, the group smash through the ceiling they had set out before and burst into a completely new explosion of sound. 

With the second single out, titled ‘Slow’, the sonic ground for new material is already set out as a grandiose clusterf*ck of an orchestra filled with trumpets, scratchy violins and jazzy guitar licks. It all comes together into a piece, almost as insane as free form jazz, yet it manages to maintain a comprehensive structure, keeping in mind how noisy and polyrhythmic it is. The instruments bleed into one another perfectly, mainly due to Morgan Simpson’s (Drummer) brilliant, drunken drumming keeping a solid backbone of the track. Geordie Greep’s (Frontman) spoken word vocals ground the listener into one eerie environment, letting the song continue on the path of perfectly orchestrated destruction, exploding behind the story set out by Black Midi’s captivating lyrics. 

Cavalcade will undoubtedly push the UK’s rock scene into new, delirious territory, and we will all have Black Midi’s efforts to look upon when the revolution does come.

by Kuba Swiatek

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