Liam James ‘Hanging By A Thread’ Single Review

For Fans Of : Holding Absence & Acres

I knew nothing about Liam James going into his music. The first single ‘Hanging By A Thread’ however, proves that the backdrop he will be able to build for his career, could be massive. 

There is a great deal of personality poured into this thing. The piano at the start could definitely be played softer, but the choice for the keys to be pushed so hard does ease the transition into the blaring guitar section. The whole song is very well written, with an instantly catchy chorus and some great dynamic range, though the best part is definitely the vocals. 

They cut through the mix and never failed to sound professional. The scream going into the breakdown is something to look forward to with each re-listen. All instruments are very well recorded throughout, and even though the piano fits into the mood of the song, it sadly sounds almost gimmicky at times. It’s bound for an upcoming artist to have room for improvement of course, though this is one of the rare cases where the line between Liam’s music and bands who have been in the business for years, start to blur. The biggest problem is finding an original sound to stand out with, because as enjoyable as this song is, it ultimately doesn’t bring much new sound to the table. That being said, the potential here is super impressive. Liam is a very exciting addition to the Glasgow music scene, and I can confidently say that everyone should be looking out for the name Liam James.

by Kuba Swiatek 

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