HappyDaze ‘All Away’ Single Review

For Fans Of : ROAM, Bearings & WSTR

The 5th single from HappyDaze is now out! 

The track, appropriately titled ‘All Away’ sees the band pulling out all stops and merging all of the components they’ve previously incorporated into the 4 previous songs. There is clear incorporation of the more electronic timbres from ‘Bad Taste’ as well as the harsher, hard-rock sounds of ‘What’s It For’. The rhythms are tight, melodies leave nothing to be desired, and the mix gives each part of the piece it’s spotlight, so the song ends up sounding super clean. This, however, is also where the song suffers. ‘All Away’ leaves very little opportunity for interesting song structure progression, or anything else that would be unexpected from a song like this. This, of course, isn’t to say that the song is boring. It still definitely provides an instantly good catchy tune, though going back to the element of surprise (or even originality) there is a lot of room to grow for HappyDaze. 

The single undoubtedly displays a lot of talent. Peter Bunting (Drummer) provides a dense, satisfying groove. The tones of the bass (Neishy) and electric guitar (Rory) are just great, and the electronic production is very appropriate, as it ties the whole set of instruments together. There is certainly a lot of promise in HappyDaze’s future and I will certainly be on the lookout for a future EP or album, as should you too.

by Kuba Swiatek

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