DETER ‘Sick & Tired’ Single Review

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Glasgow’s favourite emo band, DETER are rising to the top faster than ever with a little nudge from their last single ‘Underneath’. The boys have been pouring pure emotion out for around two years now, though with a change in lineup and lockdown growth, it’s clear that DETER are finally on the right track to push them to where they’re destined to be. Their new single ‘Sick & Tired’ comes to prove that too. 

From the very second we set foot into the song, the instruments blast together forcefully which will be a moment to experience in the pits of their live gigs hopefully soon! The verse kicks in with Jamie Logan (Frontman) singing about the tough topic of mental health, he approaches depression by personifying it, and sings about it from the perspective of looking in on someone you love who suffers. 

The chorus kicks in guns blazing from all ends which will have you headbanging in your seats screaming the lyrics “Lethargy is rife inside as colour fades before my eyes, watched you decay, always hoped you’d stay.” If you’re one to keep up with DETER and their music, you will have noticed multiple metaphors throughout the last three singles discussing life losing its colour. The songwriting process DETER uses is clearly super effective and will have you in absolute awe from start to finish.

All in all this is possibly my favourite DETER tune so far, they have some extremely exciting things planned for the rest of the year and I can’t wait to find out what that includes. 2021 is the year for DETER to blossom into something fantastic. 

by Lucy Cheyne

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