The Pleasure Dome ‘Pretty Picture’ Single Review

For fans of: IDLES, Show Me The Body, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

The fact that I am writing this review while this band is still somehow not signed is absolutely insane. The promise that this band contains, especially with this single, is massive. 

‘Pretty Picture’ is fast and brutal from the very start. Everything sits in a perfect place in the mix, which is absolutely impressive with how staggeringly loud that intro is. Bobby Spender (Vocalist) takes on a vocal timbre that is just perfect for this song. His shouted lyrics speak of self-love and how we can bring out a healthy nature within ourselves, while also keeping a contradictory front about the same subject.

“Maybe I’m a narcissist. Maybe I can’t see that all my best traits are my insecurities.”

The whole mood that the single manages to encapsulate is brilliant and clearly well thought out. I believe there will never be a better way to promote a self-loving message, than through roaring guitars and smashed drum kits. Though the single is reminiscent of the likes of IDLES or even Show Me The Body, Pleasure Dome doesn’t spend a single second sitting in these bands’ shadows. Instead they establish their own mix of the sounds, balancing from new punk to older greats, such as The Fall or Dead Kennedys. I seriously cannot recommend this band to you enough. You can catch these guys at Futurama Festival on the AF Gang stage.

by Kubai Swiatek

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