Misplaced ‘fell in love with a lie’ EP Review

For Fans Of : Blink-182, Between You & Me and Grayscale

Misplaced have never failed to impress us when dropping new music, and this time shows no different. The release in question being their first debut EP, titled ‘fell in love with a lie’. This 5 track EP takes the listener through a whirlwind of sounds, lyrics and emotions as it covers toxic relationships, feeling like shit and overcoming dark thoughts.

‘ffs’ is the first track on the EP which sets the tone for the most part, being a pop punk banger and really showing what the band are fully capable of in just over 2 minutes. This was the best song to kick off the release, as it brings you in and really encapsulates who the band are and what you can expect from them.

‘fuck that, I’m alright’ comes in as track two, it really picks up the pace and throws you into a song filled with insane drums, guitar and bass from the band as well as Kyle Beaton’s amazing vocals. This is definitely one for the mosh pits.

‘storyboard for a pessimist’ makes its way into track 3, and it is completely different from the rest of the EP but in a way that still suits the band extremely well. Kyle’s vocals and the acoustic guitar compliment each other amazingly in this song. The tune is incredibly catchy yet the lyrics tell a different story from being upbeat. 

‘idk why i try’ being at track 4, is a song that relies heavily on drums and bass (Richard Smith) to make it work, although they make it ever so better. Taking influences from Neck Deep for this one, the song sits at a steady pace and really goes in hard throughout the full song. 

‘fate & fairytales’ is the last song on the EP and the only song on it to have a feature, SayWeCanFly. The song starts off as being an acoustic emo-esque ballad before jumping into lo-fi pop just before the feature makes his verse. Both Braden and Kyle’s vocals compliment each other well on this tune, and makes it so much better. 

Kyle, Richard, Kenny and Nic have made an amazing job on this EP and they should all be incredibly proud. I’d definitely watch out for this band as they aren’t over yet, there’s so much more to come. Go stream ‘fell in love with a lie’.

by Cameron Smyth

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