With Confidence ‘Cult’ Single Review

For fans of: All Time Low, Blink-182 & Waterparks

After two years – they’re back!  

Last week, Australian pop punk band With Confidence released their new single, ‘Cult’ following their last single ‘Big Cat Judgement Day’.

With Confidence have been making music for a few years now, first forming in 2012. The band  consists of Scotty Mac, Joshua Brozzesi, Jayden Seeley and Inigo Del Carmen.  

The song itself starts off very soft and quiet with simple guitar and vocals, then suddenly the track  takes a turn and gets heavy. Guitarist Inigo Del Carmen really shows off his vocal range in this track,  the emotion in the lyrics is portrayed extremely well through his voice. The song loosely follows the quiet loud quiet style made famous by artists such as Pixies and Nirvana, but this band have put their own pop-punk spin on it making it fresh and exciting.  

The meaning behind the song is about how toxic it can be when one person is your sole source of  happiness and the importance of looking after yourself. A music video to accompany the song was  also released last week, which was directed by none other than band member Inigo Del Carmen and  it features cult-like imagery, with Inigo being chased by people with masks.  

On their official Twitter (@withconfidence_) the band tweeted, 

“Cult is out worldwide now. Thank you all for your support.” 

I can sense that great things are in store for With Confidence and I hope that there is an album in the  near future. The boys are set to go on a UK tour in August and September this year, so get your tickets bought now… what are you waiting for?

by Anya Richardson

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