Waterparks ‘Greatest Hits’ Album Review

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Contrary to other incredibly famous bands, such as Queen’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album, or ‘1’ by The Beatles, Waterparks like to do things differently in the music industry from not remaking ‘Airplane Conversations’ to making an entirely new album called ‘Greatest Hits’.

After having 107 (yes you read that correctly) 107 songs to choose from for the new album, the songs that the band chose still live up to the title even one month on and I personally think it’s their best album yet. 

From the opening single ‘Snow Globe’, to the single that wasn’t originally meant to be on the album at all; ‘Lowkey As Hell’, Waterparks really went all out in this album to make it a whole mix of sounds and vocals to which for me was completely unexpected. The singles just give a glimpse into what the rest of the album is like and truly shows what they’re capable of.

The album is very much different from their previous albums, although in some aspects very much the same. Although one thing that Greatest Hits does amazingly well is have outros on songs. These outros make the songs some of their best, including songs like ‘Fuzzy’, ‘Numb’, ‘Violet!’ , ‘LIKE IT’ and ‘See You In The Future’.

Awsten Knight (Frontman) is seen trying some new and incredible things on this album, with very low and chill yet angry vocals and sounds on ‘Magnetic’, which in turn is a great song although Awsten really had to get something off of his chest on this tune.

Another song I want to talk about is ‘Ice Bath.’ This song slowly builds itself up from silence, as you faintly start to hear the lyrics from the title track Greatest Hits, “Last night I had the strangest dream of all”. As the music and sounds build up in Ice Bath, you eventually take a huge breath as if drowning and getting to the surface for the first time. Awsten actually explained why this is on a track by track breakdown interview with NME, explaining that the whole of Greatest Hits is meant to be a dream, falling into it with the title track and then waking up during Ice Bath with the breath, now showing what life is really like out of this dream state that the person goes into every night.

As soon as the person wakes up in this song, Awsten’s vocals are very raw and deep. The whole song with vocals and sounds included really reminds me of a band called Crystal Castles. I’m not too sure if that’s what Waterparks were going for but Ice Bath is certainly loud and out there. 

Violet! One of the more pop-esque songs on the album details a stalker that Awsten has had in the past, and isn’t meant to focus on that. With the overall more poppier sound of the song, a lot of listeners don’t fully realise what the song is about and have to listen again to really understand what’s going on. With it’s happier sounding tones, it’s very reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots as they do that a lot in their music. This is also shown in Waterparks’ songs ‘You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)’ and ‘Just Kidding’, both featuring on Greatest Hits.

This album really has so much darker themes when it comes to the lyrics, but the band really seem to try and mask that underneath the happy sounding songs. It took me multiple listens to really understand this album, and I highly recommend you do so too if you love them as much as us here at Breakout Magazine.

The last song I wanted to talk about from the album is See You In The Future. This song has been teased before as it’s actually the name of the UK and EU tour that the band were planning on having in 2021 before being delayed until 2022 due to the current climate changing and making it so they wouldn’t be able to travel or do shows this year outside of America.

See You In The Future is the band’s first proper rap song, as Awsten goes so hard in this song rapping about so many things in such a short space of time – completely unexpected from the band as the only sort of rap song they’ve had prior to this is ‘Blonde’ from their second album ‘Entertainment.’

See You In The Future references a whole load of pop culture in it, such as ‘Fandom’ (their third album), One Direction, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Tesla, Castaway (and also Wilson), and finally Michael Scott from the hit show The Office.

This song is very eccentric with everything it does and also tries to be, yet leaves as a great last song on the album building up to a final 14 second drum solo from Otto Wood (Drummer) before it just cuts to silence and that’s it over, very bold.

Overall, this album definitely holds up after a month of it’s release, and never fails to bring you in for one hell of a ride every time.

Is this their best album? In my opinion yes, but even if it’s not, you still have to commend Awsten, Geoff and Otto for doing such a fantastic job on their fourth studio album.

“And repeat”

by Cameron Smyth

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