Trash Boat ‘Silence is Golden’ Single Review

For Fans Of : ROAM, Grayscale & Seaway Despite having ‘Silence’ in the title of their new song, Trash Boat are going into a territory that is far from anything restrained. In the chaotic intro, Tobi Duncan (Vocalist) screams like a protester standing on a burning car. The background overflows with dark sounding guitars whichContinue reading “Trash Boat ‘Silence is Golden’ Single Review”

Holding Absence ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ Album Review

For bands of : Loathe, Casey & Sleep Token Just when we thought Holding Absence couldn’t get any better, they’ve come back proving us wrong with a 12 track album titled ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ showing everything they’ve got and more. The trio are well known for diving head first into their musicContinue reading “Holding Absence ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ Album Review”

All Time Low ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Single Review

For Bands of : Mayday Parade, The All-American Rejects & The Maine Almost exactly one year since they released the hit album ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’, All Time Low has made a return with their brand new anthem ‘Once in a Lifetime’ and fans are loving it.  All Time Low took a hard hit with mixedContinue reading “All Time Low ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Single Review”